Free email marketing help and support to create and send your email campaigns the simple way. Send company branded, personal, professional and effective newsletters to your clients.

We stand by our claim that Frontmailer is simple and easy to use, but we all need a bit of guidance or encouragement to jump in sometimes. Our support package will offer you free Frontmailer support on an ongoing basis. Let us get you started, demonstrate the finer details of the Frontmailer system, or offer advice on how to improve your next campaign.

Call our helpline (her name is Hayley)

You won’t be put on hold and you certainly won’t be asked any security questions. Hayley is part of the Frontmedia team, based in the office, and will know who you are (not in a weird way, but in an excellent customer service kind of way.)

Whether you would like to ask a quick question or need a step by step guided tour of the process, her friendly advice and Frontmailer knowledge will get you sorted.

Maybe even ask Hayley to have a look at your campaign report to spot some ways to make your next mailer even better.

Call Hayley on 01206 692873

Download the Frontmailer Guide

If you prefer emails to phone calls, then maybe choose to download the Frontmailer Guide instead.

Offering simple, step by step instructions on creating and sending an HTML email, the Frontmailer Guide is the perfect companion to work through the system in your own time with. The guide is split into handy sections allowing you to simply skip to the bit you are having trouble with.

We also share some little gems of our email marketing knowledge in the form of ‘Handy Hints’ so be sure to look out for these along the way.

Download Frontmailer Set up Guide